Mr PoppyTom

Yes, even Mr PoppyTom has a creative flair, his tipple is wood though. He spends many hours in the garage with his machines making all sorts of wonderful things, here we have a few of those!

I love you lots like jelly tots!

Mr PoppyTom made me this lovely heart box a few months ago. He has recently purchased a new "ever so needed" tool, cutter, thingy me bob so no doubt we'll get to see lots more from him very soon :)

Hamster House!

Even the pets in our house get the handmade treatment! This is our lovely Charlie the Hamsters new home, all wooden and natural. He loves it! This was a bit of a joint effort but the majority of the build was by Mr PoppyTom.

Chess Set

Our young nephew has taken quite a shine to the game of chess so Mr PoppyTom made him his own wooden Chess Set. This took him aaaaaaages, each peice is delicately cut and carved and not all of them passed the perfection test so some peices were made again and again. Needless to say our lovely nephew was thrilled.

Wooden Reindeer Gift Tags

This Christmas all our family and friends received one of these little reindeers attatched to their gifts. Mr PoppyTom cut a whole bunch out at once and i quickly painted them with some left over Matt paint. Everyone loved them and they all put them on their trees :)

Mr PoppyTom's best creation yet has to be our Castle!
He designed and made this for the Children and they love it :)

A Handmade wooden box made by my Hubby's own fair hands.
I received this for Christmas with an Ipod inside :)

Mr PoppyTom's Welping box, handmade for his Mother's dog when she was having her pups. The 'pig rails' came in very handy to prevent them being smothered by their big floppy haired Mum.