Now i won't pretend to be a fabulous baker or even cook as i am not! The children will vouch for that! But i do enjoy baking with the Children and they love to make cakes so we often make a few and decorate's just like playing with Playdough or Fimo :)


Little Lady's Birthday

We recently had Little Lady's 6th birthday, she is a cupcakeaholic so what else would i make her?

A giant cupcake :D

The cupcakes on the right are made by the birthday girl herself and she loved the Cath Kidston style cases (Asda and Morrisons ), not a bad little baker is she?

Happy Mothers day

After buying a new cake decorating magazine last week i decided to give their cupcakes a go ready in time for Mothers Day. They were actualy very easy to make but unfortunately my piping bag has now given up and broke....looks like i'll have to buy another!


The Minimakers have been making Pink Chocolate Cakepops for their Nana's Birthday...sickly but scrumptious :)

Master Makers 8th Birthday

So it's the day before Master Makers birthday and he says "Mum, you did make me my own cake didn't you?" "Yes of course" i say....ooops! So 9pm that night i am quickly trying to put a lizard cake together....not my best effort i may add! He was delighted with it regardless :)

Show your Spots and lets Raise lots!
Buns made to raise money for this years Children in Need campaign :)

My Mum used to make these for us as children and so i thought i'd pass them on to our two. It is Strawberry jelly and Strawberry Angel Delight with sprinkles :)

Buns made with the Mini makers for their Great Nanna's Birthday 2010

Buns made with the Mini makers for their Auntie's Birthday 2011

My first attempt of a Novelty cake back in 2008 for Little Lady's 2nd birthday.

Mini Makers Christmas Buns 2010

Mini Makers Halloween cake 2010

Mini Makers (with a little help) Halloween buns 2010