Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Summer, Summer, Summertime.....

We've had a fab Summer break this year, must admit apart from our Ebay orders we have done very little crafting this last few weeks. Our time has been spent enjoying the sunshine, the beach, the Olympics, family time, riding bikes, reading, BBQ's, playing in parks, camping, rockpooling and all the other things a fab Summer break should entail :)
The Olympics were AMAZING and we are very proud of Team GB in this house, also pleased we get to experience it again with the ParaOlympics now upon us.
We had a great camping holiday in Northumberland, one of our favourite places in the UK. The beaches ae glorious, so natural and left alone, full of wildlife and not a promenade in sight!
This last few days have been spent getting things ready for the new term, i'll be sorry to see Master Maker and Little Lady go back to school, kinda like having them around all the time, will miss them so much!
But Oh! Those Summer Niiiiiiiiights.......are ending and back to working, crafting and the countdown to....dare i say it....CHRISTMAS!!! Argh!
Hope you've all had a fab Summer too :)

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