We're going on a Egg Hunt!
So we had better be prepared! I've sewn up for little bags to collect all the scrumptious eggs in, each having a little picture appliqued on the front.

Let's Grow!

Along with plenty of chocolate goodies i have left some cress seeds in little packet in each bag for the children to grow themselves :)

Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick, Chicken....

The Mini-Makers have been learning to knit with their Great Nanna and whilst the needles were out i thought i'd give it a go. I found a pattern for Easter chicks and set about making a couple...they each hold a Creme Egg Yummmm!

Gift Baskets

I have made all the children these quick and simple to make baskets. They take literally minutes to make and are quite sturdy. They are made from cardstock and patterned papers and are embellished with some Easter stickers i picked up from Samuel Taylors. The handle is just some ribbon threaded through a hole punched on either side...easy peasy!
I am filling them with chocolate eggs :)

Every Easter we have an Egg hunt with the cousins and a bit of a party tea.
As of yet i have been a great big cheater buying most of my supplies but from next Easter it will be a lot more homemade!

We did make a few spring coloured Paper chains to hang around the garden though!